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RELEASE NOTES – December 2020
RELEASE NOTES – December 2020
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Important feature updates and bug fixes (December 31, 2020)

1. Due Amount Alert in the Create Estimate Page

With this new feature, you will never forget to recover the past dues from a customer. If any amount is due from previous job’s, the amount will display as an alert in the new job card page.

2. Due Amount Alert in the Dashboard

As a further reminder of any due amount from a customer, the same shall also get displayed in the Dashboard.

3. Depreciation on Insurance Jobs

With new option to add 12.5% depreciation for insurance jobs, preparing estimate and invoice for insurance jobs will become a breeze now.

4. Easily Accessible Service History

At the press of a click, easily access the service history of a customer to give that personalized service

5. Reaching the customer on the alternate contact number in the Invoice

Now you have another option to reach out to the customer by referring to the alternate contact number in the invoice, if the primary number is not reachable.

6. Using Tally is more convenient with Autorox

With the new option to download purchase report based on Bill date or Inward date, using Tally with Autorox is now simple and easy.

7. Access Customized Purchase report

Download purchase report based on your requirement of either Bill date or Inward date.

8. More Customization to Stock report

We have now made it possible to analyze stocks by issue date and parts number.

9. More Customization to Sales report

Use the power to add more details to your Sales Report by including the Issued Part No. as well for every part.

10. Send Customized Reminders based on the nature of service

Now, based on the nature of the service (Detailing, Running Repairs or Body Shop), you can send a customized reminder to the customers

11. Ability to Download Stock Transfer Reports in PDF

Now download the Stock Transfer reports in PDF format and avoid any unintentional changes to the data.

12. Add Make, Model, Variant and Year (MMVY) to your Stock Report

Now you can add more details to your Parts Stock by adding MMVY data.

13. Add Quantity on Hand (QoH) to your Purchase report

Make your Purchase Report more informative by adding Existing QoH for each part.

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