Important feature updates and bug fixes (January 21, 2021)


1. Estimate History (in PDF)

Added new option to download Estimate in pdf format, thereby allowing you to compare the Estimate with the Proforma Invoice.

2. Purchase Return Report (newly added)

In Analytics Report tab, Purchase Return Report added, whereby cancelled & returned parts data will be displayed for your later reference.

3. Spares Pending Report (newly added)

In Analytics Report tab, Spares Pending Report added, whereby Parts which are issued but still pending for specific job card will be displayed, allowing you to verify and make the changes later.

4. More Customization Options in Sell Products

a. Header On / Off in Sell Products Invoice: If header is turned ON, then your workshop logo and address will also be displayed in the header, thereby further personalizing your invoice.

b. Part number On / Off in Sell Products Invoice: If this is turned ON, then the part number will be displayed in the invoice, thereby enabling your Spare Parts executive in searching and verifying the Parts.

c. Capturing more accuracy in the Parts Quantity field especially for Oil & Lubricants, where you can state the exact quantity.

5. Easy Access to Reports to Authorized Persons

Workshop admin can decide to provide report access to multiple authorized persons (e.g., partners, spare parts manager, cashier, etc.) without the need of submitting OTP (one time password).

6. Accurate Tax Rates on Parts Estimation (relevant, where multiple tax rates exist)

While preparing the Estimate with the Parts Number, the exact GST rate will be displayed (relevant for workshops in India where multiple Tax rates on Parts exists, e.g., 28% / 18%).

7. Option to cancel the Parts from Purchase Order during Stock Inward

If any parts order were canceled at the time of raising Purchase Order, now you have the option to select such canceled parts at the time of stock inward.

8. Estimation Approval by Service Advisor on behalf of Customer

Now, your Service Advisor can also approve estimation based on verbal consent and approval of Customer, thereby saving time.

9. Option to send Estimate & Invoice as pdf to Customers

You have the added option to send Estimate & Invoice pdf to your customers with Autorox mobile app. With this option, your customers do not have to click on the URL link.

10. Tracking of Customers across multiple outlets (applicable for Franchisee Operators)

For workshops with multiple outlets, if same vehicle visits any of the network outlets, then the customer details will be auto populated under repeat job card category. This will save time in creating estimate and provide visibility of repeat customers thereby enabling tracking of due amounts, service history, past service feedback, AMC eligibility and other schemes.

BUGS Fixed

· Estimation Rejected job cards will no longer display in Analytic Sales report

· Display of “Ticket creation failed…please try again” message showing during job card has been rectified and will not display any longer

· Headers aligned in Stock by Vendor Report

· Set up own margin for parts ordered in Autorox platform

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