Important feature updates and bug fixes (February, 2021)


1. Credit Note

Now, generate a credit note while cancelling the posted sales invoice in Autorox. This feature would make sure that there would be no need to manually create credit note under any circumstances (invoice to be changed or re-issued).

Product Enhancements Done Benefits

Added credit note history tab Easy to find out and download on the sidebar credit notes based on invoice number as well as for any particular time period

Users can now set the prefix of Workshop can get the control of credit credit note number series note serial number which help to evaluate the based on month, year or any other aspect.

New Credit Note report is now Report gives the credit note details in reports available tab -> Operations based on a specified date range, which helps in analyzing the value and the usage of credit notes

2. TCS Tax

TCS is the tax which is collected by sellers while selling something to buyers. Autorox GMS now has the option to enter TCS tax thus avoiding any manual intervention in capturing TCS tax data.

Product Enhancements Done: Benefits:

Added TCS tax option on the Allow to capture the TCS tax amounts in the Inward Page vendor invoices; no more manual work on TCS tax

data capturing

Displaying TCS Tax amount in Easy to calculate the TCS amount for a particular

Purchase order report time period against the vendor invoice number

3. Bulk Upload Feature Enabled for Spares In-charge Role

Now Spares In-charge can do the bulk uploading of stock without any help from the admin account.

4. Capturing Vehicle’s Battery Name and Serial Number

Autorox GMS now allows capture of the battery name and serial number (only mobile app), that will display in work order, thereby giving customers the assurance that their vehicle’s battery is present while check-in and check-out from the garage.

Autorox – India

1. MSME Registration Number Capturing

Autorox GMS now allows you to capture the workshop’s MSME registration number and this detail will be shown in invoices, thereby helping to clear the credit invoice amounts in time from customers.

Autorox – Tanzania

1. Capture Customer’s VAT Number in Job Card

Now capture the customer's VAT number while creating a job card. This will also be displayed in the invoice, thereby the workshop can easily perform tax filing and the invoice looks more authentic and professional.

BUG fixes & updation

Sell Products – VAT total amount is now visible in the tax invoice (Autorox- Tanzania).

Workshop Manager role is now implemented in the mobile application.

Image uploading status will now be visible in the mobile application.

Collections Report – The data can now be seen based on selected date limits.

Income by Type of Sale Report – The report now would show the profits earned from both the job card and by selling products.

Emojis in Feedback – Now customers can provide their feedback with the help of optional emojis.

Estimation – In the live repair status link, customers can now view split of total part price and total labour price separately.

Account – System now captures up to three decimals for all currency entries (Autorox- Oman & Kuwait)

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