Yes, you read it correctly! Create a job card under 5 minutes right in front of the customer while you are inspecting the car at the service bay. No more writing on the paper first and then uploading on the system. Scroll down to see the Extra Cool Features available only on the Mobile App:


1. Click on the "+" icon on the dashboard.

2. Enter the vehicle details. Accurately capturing the * fields will help in sourcing the right parts and sending timely service reminders.

3. Enter the customer concerns.

4. COOL FEATURE ALERT!!! 😍 Enter the customer contact details, triggering automatic SMS to customer, notifying about the receipt of the car at the workshop. This is an additional security feature built for you.

5. Mention the estimated delivery date (do not worry, it can be changed later) and then click on the Go button to create an estimation.

6. COOL FEATURE ALERT!!! 😍 You can make a note of the all accessories inside the car, in front of the customer, and avoid any conflict at the time of delivery.

7. EXTRA EXTRA COOL FEATURE ALERT!!! 😍😍 Images speak more than words. Take up to 16 images, while creating Body Shop estimates. Made visible to customers through a web link, building transparency and high credibility.

8.1. Choose between types of repair (collision in case of accidental repairs or other services).

8.2. Collision Tab- makes building an estimate much quicker and simpler covering all relevant aspects of the repair (be it collision or other services).

9. For any repair type chosen, all sub-categories relevant for such repair type will be visible ensuring, you do not miss charging any income source.

10. Once you choose the sub-category, enter the labor charge and the part price

(if applicable) to create an estimate. You could also set the pricing based on the time duration required to complete the service. Note that the predefined setting up of labor rates has to be done on the desktop version of Autorox.

11. After entering all the required parts and labor charges, click on the Go button

to create the estimation.

12. COOL FEATURE ALERT!!! 😍 Simply blow away your customer's mind with the service visibility showcased so far and get it sealed with their digital signature, which will also be shown in the printed tax invoice.

13. COOL FEATURE ALERT!!! 😍 If the Customer refreshes the link received through SMS at the time their car was received at the workshop, they can see the estimation and provide their approval. This option to get the customer's approval can also be turned off.

14. COOL FEATURE ALERT!!! 😍 You can also share all the documents through any social media app such as WhatsApp, Facebook, etc. if already installed on the phone and also used by the customer.

15. Most often, you collect the advance amount from your customers. Click on the "+" icon on the "Payments" tab to register advance payment received.

16. Enter the payment mode, payable amount, and date of the advance payment and click the "Go" button to register advance payment.

15. Mobile App has everything you will ever need, except for the issue of Parts, which is better to manage from the Web version.

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