Relevance: Technician/ Service Advisor

You have serviced the customer’s car successfully and received the payment for the

service. It is now time to return the serviced car to the customer. But before that,

it is necessary to close the Job Card in the system to track the number of vehicles

you have serviced. Autorox enables you to bring closure to the repair experience

by providing the Close Job Card option and helping create a Gate Pass

to permit the vehicle to leave the workshop premises. Here’s how you can close the

Job Card:

Sequence of steps:

Invoice > Collection (optional) > Close Job Card > Enter Odometer Out Reading > Print Gate Pass


1. Click on the "Collections" button and enter the amount of the collection with the payment date, payment method, and remarks (optional).

2. Click on the "Close Job Card" button and set the service reminder dates. (This field is optional but we highly recommend mentioning the service reminder date so that system can then automatically remind your customers for service prior to the service due date!).

3. In case you have chosen to have a QA Delivery checklist before setting up the software for your workshop, you would see a popup of list of checklist points after you click on "Close Job Card" Button. Once you select an option for each element of checklist, the next element would be shown.

4. Service checklist will be displayed on the invoice as shown below.

Note: If you do not submit the choices for all elements of checklist, the checklist will not be added to invoice.

3. Mention the odometer out reading to create the Gate pass (Note that only hard

a copy is available for Gate Pass).

[Note: The gate pass confirms that the particular vehicle is successfully delivered

from the workshop]

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