Relevance: Technician/ Service Advisor/Finance Team/Workshop Owner

Creating a proforma invoice before service completion, but after finalizing the service details, ensures that there are no unexpected or unfair fees charged to the customer during the final transaction stage, helping build trust in the repair experience. Autorox GMS provides the facility to create proforma invoices digitally. Here’s how you can create a proforma invoice:

Sequence of steps:

Estimation Page > Approve Estimation > Issue Requested Parts > Click on Job Done

after the Service is Completed


1. After getting the customer’s approval for estimation, issue the requested parts according to the estimation (see here for more details).

2. Click on the "Job Done" button after completion of the service of the vehicle according to the work order. Click on the print icon and choose the proforma invoice option to view or print the proforma invoice.

3. Proforma invoices can be shared with the customer via email or a hard copy.

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