Relevance: Technician/ Service Advisor

Creating a job card consumes a lot of the time of technicians or service advisors.

Especially, when a customer has already visited your workshop before, it is cumbersome to fill in all the details about the customer right from the scratch. Autorox GMS enables you to create a job card for an existing customer promptly, as the customer’s data is already pre-filled from his/her earlier visit to your workshop. Here's how you can create a job card for an existing customer:

Sequence of steps:

Dashboard > New Job Card > Fill Necessary Fields > Give Estimation Later / Prepare

Estimate Now


1. Click on the "New Job Card" button on the dashboard.

2. Enter the license plate number. The system automatically retrieves the customer data from their previous visits along with the vehicle details and due amount (if applicable).

3. Now, enter the new odometer reading, customer’s problems/concerns, estimated delivery date and click on either the Give Estimate Later button (if you wish to save this a job card and open a new one) or Prepare estimate now button (if you wish to save this job card and prepare the estimation right away).

4. If you click the "Prepare Estimation Now" button, on the estimate page you can see the entire service history of this particular customer’s vehicle (as highlighted below).

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