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It is crucial to capture the right data and maintain the right information

related to service queries throughout the repair process to avoid any discrepancy during the service. Autorox GMS enables you to create a comprehensive job card with detailed information of the service to be done, the time taken, the labor involved and the necessary spare parts required for the completion of repair/service. More importantly, you can create a job card in Autorox within minutes, unlike hours it would take to create a job card manually. Here’s how you can create a job card in Autorox GMS:

Sequence of steps:

Dashboard > New Job Card > Fill Necessary Fields > Give Estimation Later/ Prepare

Estimate Now


1. From the dashboard, click on the "New Job Card" button.

2. Enter the vehicle details (*marked are mandatory fields) to capture comprehensive

information about your customer’s car. (We recommend capturing as much information as possible so that these details can be pre-filled to create a job card when the same customer visits your workshop again!)

Note: In case the wrong VIN number or registration no. is entered, the system will notify the same before you move to the next step.

Note: Also, you could add an exception to the rule of the vehicle registration number by clicking on the checkbox "T/R Number / Other Number"

3. Enter customer problems/concerns and click on the Add Service button (Autorox’s

smart system auto-suggests frequently entered customer concerns so that you can quickly choose from the selections. Also, these suggestions get updated with time, taking into consideration the customer problems you enter over a period of time. Isn’t it great! 😍)

4. Enter customer details and the estimated delivery date (Click the "+" icon, if you

wish to enter detailed information of the customers). In case the wrong mobile number is entered, the system will notify the same before you move to the next step.

5. After filling in all the necessary fields, click on either the "Give Estimation Later" button (if you wish to save this job card and open a new one) or the "Prepare Estimation Now" button (if wish to save this job card and prepare the estimation right away).

6. The work order will now be available on the estimation page. Click on the print button to print the work order or on the mail button to send an email to the customer with the work order attached.

You can also check out our video on Job Card creation. Appreciate it if you show your love with a like and share it with your workshop friends.

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