Relevance: Finance Team/ Workshop Owner

Managing vendors can get tricky when you have too many vendors to procure parts from and also when you procure parts more frequently. Especially, the settlement of all the bills and credits with each vendor gets complicated and there is a high probability of losing track of pending payments and timely settlement of those payments. Autorox helps you manage vendor credits effectively every time you purchase and inward parts against the invoice numbers. Here’s how you can do that:

Sequence of steps:

Side bar > Payments & Expenses > Post Payment > Enter Vendor Name > Enter the Mandatory Fields > (+)


1. Click on the Payments & Expenses tab from the sidebar.

2. You will be able to see Expenses & Payments tabs. Click on the "Post Payments" button and enter the vendor’s name.

3. Select the bills for which the credit needs to be settled and enter the amount

paid. Click the "+" button to post the payment.

[Note: To view payments- Payments and Expenses > Payments]

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