Relevance: Spare Parts Manager/Owner

Maintaining the records of all the stock in your workshop helps you get visibility

of spare parts and enables you to purchase parts at the right time. Thus, it is critical

to creating a record in the system for any part, which is purchased and stored in your workshop. Autorox GMS ensures all the parts in your stock are tracked and maintained in your database with the parts inward feature. Here’s what you

need to do to inward parts:

Sequence of steps:

Dashboard > Parts > Inward > Select Order Number > Enter Bill Details > Set Margin

> Inward


1. Click the "Parts" drop-down button from the dashboard and select the option to Inward.

2. Below is the screen that will be shown once you click the "Inward" option. From the vendor selection, choose the order number which needs to be inward.

3. Enter the bill number, bill date, and tax type as mentioned in the vendor invoice.

4. Set the quantity, unit price, discount percentage according to the vendor invoice.

The total purchase price will be calculated automatically. Also, mention the margin

percentage at which you would be selling the parts. (The total margin mentioned gives you an idea about how much margin you would make by selling these parts!)

5. You can set the fitment details for the parts (This information is optional but

we recommend it to be mentioned because it will help you link the part to a specific

vehicle model during the actual fitment!) After entering all the details, click the "Inward" button.


1. To inward parts without raising a purchase order in the system, tick the Stock checkbox at the top of the inward page and then enter the part name, quantity, price, and brand manually. After that, just select the vendor and you can continue from step 3.

2: For editing the part which was inward follow these steps: Stock > Inward > Enter

the vendor invoice number > Edit the line item (status must be inward) > "Update"

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