Relevance: Technician/ Service Advisor

Every car that you service today is bound to be serviced sometime in the

near future. Timely service reminders are one of the effective ways to ensure that

the car which leaves your workshop, comes back to your workshop the next time it

needs servicing. Autorox GMS enables you to set these service reminders right before

you are about to deliver the car, and thus secure your future repair opportunity.

Here’s what you need to do:

Sequence of steps:

Based on odometer reading: New Job Card > Enter Avg. km /day

Based on the time period: New Job Card > Reminder > Set Next Service Date Manually


1. Based on Odometer reading: In the new job card creation section, enter the avg.

km/ day. The system will take the next service date based on this entry i.e., based

on the entered avg. km/day and with the assumption that the next service will be due

after the vehicle has run for 6000 km (default service kms.) from the date of service.

Note: In case you wish to change the service kms, click on the view icon in the avg. kms. / day field (as shown below).

2. Based on the time period: In the New Job Card creation section, click on the Reminder button and manually enter the due date of the next service.

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