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Inconsistency in labor prices charged to customers can be a major reason for customer disputes. The best way to avoid such conflicts is to standardize all the labor charges so that there is no conflict due to differential pricing. Autorox GMS allows you to standardize the labor prices based on price or duration for service with its pre-defined labor charts module. This also saves time spent by technicians to create an estimate. Here’s what you need to do to set the labor charts:

Sequence of steps:

Dashboard > Side Bar > Labor Chart > Set the Service Charges According to Service

Type and Vehicle Make/Model > Save


1. From the dashboard, open the sidebar and click on the Labor Chart tab.

2. The following screen shows the list of services and the vehicle segment. You can set the labor charges for each service according to vehicle segments. You can also predefine the labor rates based on hours taken for service completion. The predefined labor rates are to be configured at the workshop admin level based on the vehicle segment and service type.

3. These pre-set labor charges will then be shown as a suggestion in the vehicle

in job card creation screen, as shown below.

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