Relevance: Workshop Owner, Spare Parts Manager

Keeping a track of inventory helps you procure parts wisely, identify any mismatch

in stock due to pilferage and eventually help improve your workshop’s cash flow.

Autorox GMS provides a comprehensive analytical report for inventory management of your workshop. Here’s how you can view the inventory report:

Sequence of steps:

Dashboard > Side Bar > Reports > Inventory


1. Inventory Dashboard: This dashboard gives you an overview of the inventory at

your workshop. It provides a plot of the stock inward for the specified date range

thus helping you plan the budget for the upcoming period.

2. Stock by Parts: This report summarizes the proportion of total parts procured

and stored based on the type of parts. Such a report can help you analyze high-volume parts and accordingly strategize procurement of these parts from appropriate vendors.

3. Stock by Brand: This report gives an overview of parts based on the brand of parts.

Such an overview can help you analyze the most frequently purchased brands and find the right distributors for these brands.

4. Stock by Vendor: This report summarizes the spare parts in your workshop based

on the vendors they are purchased from. This information can help you identify your

key vendors and you can negotiate on the prices demanding bulk purchase discounts.

5. Stock by Issue: This comprehensive report gives you a list of all the parts

purchased in the system and their corresponding selling prices. This gives you the

visibility of the exact profits you are making by selling the spare parts either

as a part of the repair service or by selling the parts independently.

6. Spares Pending: This report lists the spare parts which are not yet issued, based

on the request from all the job cards. (At the bottom of the report, you could also

see the net total number of items per job card by selecting the “show less” button

from Settings tab and show more option would provide each line items details of the

job card.)

7. Purchase Order: This comprehensive report consists of all the part details based

on the vendor invoice (Inward document). This report can be sorted based on inward

date as well as bill date to view the latest purchases. In the settings tab, the show

less option provides the overall purchase amount and margin made while the show more option provides details of every bill.

8. Purchase Return: As a workshop, there would be instances where you would return

parts to suppliers or distributors due to various reasons. The Purchase return report

provides you with a comprehensive list of parts that are returned from the stock along

with the reason for that action.

9. Open vs. Closing Stock: This report provides the opening and closing stock of

all spare parts for the specified date range.

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