Relevance: Workshop Owner/ Finance Team

The productivity of workshop operations is the key indicator of how profitable your workshop business would be. Autorox GMS provides you an overview of operational activities in your workshop based on various levers, thus enabling you to make decisions to optimize workshop operations. Here’s how you can view the workshop operations related reports on Autorox GMS:

Sequence of steps:

Dashboard > Side Bar > Reports > Operations


1. Operations Dashboard: This screen summarizes daily (and past day) check-ins (customers entering your workshop for service) and delivered vehicles. You also get visibility of delivered vehicles in the specified date range, helping you to look at patterns and accordingly perform marketing activities on days when there is low-volume and allocating resources on the typical high-volume days.

2. By Status: This report helps you view the proportion of vehicles based on their

repair status, helping you identify bottlenecks and resolve them to improve productivity.

3. By Make: This report gives you an overview of the proportion of vehicles serviced

or being serviced, categorized based on the make of the car. This report can help you

understand the demand based on the make of the car and accordingly plan your spare parts procurement.

4. Vehicle Report: This report serves as the master data of all the vehicles in your

the system along with the customer details.

5. Feedback Report: Post the service is done, a feedback form is shared through email/ SMS to customers at the time of vehicle delivery, which is filled by the customer. This report gives an overview of feedback from all your serviced customers.

6. Clock-In/Clock-Out Report: This report gives the details of the clock-in / clock-out of all the employees, for a specified date range.

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