Relevance: Workshop Owner, Finance Team

As a workshop owner, identifying and analyzing total expenses can help you pinpoint

hurting cost centers and take measures to reduce the expenses incurred. Autorox GMS, with its comprehensive database of all the expenses in your workshop, helps you get useful insights to reduce expenses and in turn improve profitability. Here’s how you can get the expenses report and improve your workshop’s profitability from the resulting insights:

Sequence of steps:

Dashboard > Side Bar > Reports > Expenses


1. Expenses Dashboard: This dashboard depicts the month-on-month expenses and in

the case of spare parts, based on vendors. This quick overview helps you get an idea

about the major vendors driving your spare parts' purchase volumes and helps you negotiate for prices and demand bulk discounts with the high purchase volume vendors.

2. By Expense Type: This report summarizes the expenses based on the type of expense such as expenses due to stock, consumables, miscellaneous, etc. Such a breakup of expenses helps you identify the majority of expense contributors and take measures to reduce the overall expenses.

3. By Vendor: This report gives you an overview of the expenses related to spare

parts purchase, sorted by vendors. Such a relative, vendor-wise breakup helps you

identify your key vendors and assists you in vendor base rationalization.

4. Payments: This report shows the payments which are due from the workshop to the

vendors. Such a report enables you to have visibility about the pending payments

and helps you plan the budget for the same.

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