Relevance: Workshop Owner, Finance Team

One of the key metrics of your workshop business’ health is the income it has been

generating. Autorox GMS enables you to track this key metric based on various parameters to help you find trends and draw useful insights. Here’s how you can view these income-specific reports:

Sequence of steps:

Dashboard > Side Bar > Reports > Income


1. By Make: This report category within the income tab helps you track the income

generated based on the make of the car serviced during the specified time period.

This helps you identify the major income driving car make and accordingly helps you

prioritize the purchase of spare parts of these top, in-demand car makes.

2. By Customer type: This report summarizes the income generated based on the mode of business i.e., income from cars serviced, income from selling products, and income from other sources. This would give you an insight into which income stream has been performing well and help you plan resources for the major income generator.

3. By parts & service: An income report by parts and service helps you identify the mix of income from parts and labor, which in turn can help you identify any discrepancy in the proportion of prices that you are charging for parts and labor.

4. By type of services: This report summarizes the income contribution based on the

type of services done during the specified period. Such a report would help you identify your major income contributors based on the service type and accordingly you can plan resources to fulfill these services in terms of manpower, bay area allocation, equipment, and spare parts.

5. By Type of Sale: This report helps you identify the proportion of income from

services and products sale. An insight into this can help you identify which type

of income stream is generating more income and accordingly plan your investment strategy.

6. By Insurer Type: This report helps you analyze the income contribution based

on Insurance Companies. The key insight from this report would be to identify total income from insurance repairs and also key insurance companies who are major contributors to income.

7. Sales Register: Sales Register report helps you get a comprehensive review of

all the job cards created in Autorox GMS for your workshop. In order to get all the sales details based on job card numbers as well as other line items inside the job card, click on Settings > Show More.

8. Collections: This report enables you to get insights into the payments collected

from customers. Among the columns in this report, the invoice amount split between

total cash and total card payment can help you identify the preferred payment method

by customers.

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