Relevance: Workshop Owner/ Finance Team

As the workshop owner or the finance executive of your workshop, you might be interested in tracking all the expenses incurred for your workshop. Autorox GMS enables you to track all your expenses in one place i.e., in the Expenses tab of the Payments & Expenses Section. Here’s how you can view a comprehensive overview of your workshop’s expenses:

Sequence of steps:

Dashboard > Side bar > Payment & Expenses > Expenses


1. Open the Sidebar from the dashboard and click on Payment & Expenses.

2. Enter the expenses details in the input row (note that inward stock’s expense

will add in the list automatically) and click on the "+" button to save the data.

[Note: You will be able to edit the expense details by clicking on the particular

line item, but for inward stock expenses, it is not possible to edit on this screen.

In order to edit these details, you need to go to the Stocks tab]

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