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Autorox GMS has a pre-loaded catalog of vehicle makes & models. However, you can

add more makes and models to Autorox GMS by using the MMVY tab. The vehicle details which are being saved here will reflect in the vehicle selection drop-down in the Job Card creation page. Here’s how you need to do add vehicles to your catalog:

Sequence of steps:

Dashboard > Side bar > Configure > Workshop Profile > MMVY


[Note: MMVY- Make Model Variant Year]


1. Enter the vehicle make (manufacturer)- E.g.: Hyundai

2. Enter Model- E.g.: i20

3. Enter manufacturing year- E.g. 2008

4. Enter Variant- E.g.: 1.2L Kappa Petrol 5MT 1.2 Magna

5. Enter End year- E.g.: 2021 / CURRENT

6. Select the Fuel Type- E.g. PETROL

7. Click on Save

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