Relevance: Workshop Owner

This tab is used to define users within Autorox GMS, their details, roles, and status.

Each role can be assigned permissions to handle Autorox GMS. Workshop admin can enable or disable any account, anytime and he can also provide report downloading permission to other users, if necessary. Note that users will be pre-loaded into the system based on the user details shared by you to the Autorox Support team.

Sequence of steps:

Dashboard > Side bar > Configure > Workshop Profile > User


[Note: User Name is not editable]

User Creation Specifications:



Enter User name

Do not use any spaces between user name


Min length 8, for example, Password format -Ax@123z1

Email Address

We suggest providing an official e-mail ID

Mobile number

Users' mobile number (Password Reset OTP notification will be sent to this number)

Select User Role

Select the role according to the user’s role in the workshop

User Accessibility (Permissions)

1. Service Advisor

a. Job card

Create New Job Card

Create Estimation

Cancel Job Card

Collect Money

Perform Job Done

Cannot change issued part price but can change labor price before the job is completed

After the job is completed, cannot edit any price

Cancel the invoice

Close Job Card

2. Spare In-charge

a. Job Card

Add parts

Issue Parts

Return parts

Collect Money

Add part and inward part. Edit price of the existing part even if it is ready for

delivery vehicle (if Spare In-charge does that, the status changes to work in progress)

b. Sell Products

Create invoice

Cancel invoice

Edit canceled invoice

Collect cash

c. Stock

Create invoice

Cancel invoice

Edit canceled invoice

Collect cash

3. Cashier

a. Job Card

Create Estimation

Create Invoice

Collect Money

Close Job Card

a. Sell Products

Create Estimation

Cancel Invoice

Edit Canceled Invoice

Collect Cash

c. Payments & Expenses

Perform All Payments & Expenses features

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