Multiple activities are simultaneously being performed in every automotive repair workshop. Managing a workshop is thus a complex task. Going further, the complexity only multiplies when managing a network of workshops! Moreover, with changing times, customers expect nothing less than perfection when it comes to service delivery. And so, for a multi-outlet workshop chain, it has become the need of the hour to standardize and unify the customer experience across all its workshop outlets to serve the customers.

Autorox GMS has been built to help them do just that. With Autorox GMS' capability to seamlessly connect all the outlets of a multi-outlet workshop chain, you can now drive uniformity of customer experience and in turn, improve customer satisfaction without any hassle. Let us look at how Autorox GMS helps you in doing so:

Maintain one customer profile

In Autorox, every outlet in your multi-outlet workshop chain can have access to a centralized database of all the customers who have visited any of the outlets in your multi-outlet workshop chain. Such access of data with respect to customer’s details, their service history, insurance details, etc. across outlets helps in the accurate recommendation of services to customers, thus boosting customer satisfaction. In addition to this, Autorox GMS also provides visibility of previously done services along with customer’s feedback on their previous visits. These details serve as helpful cues towards continuous improvement of the service delivery to customers.

Standardize pricing across the network

Most customer disputes in a typical automotive repair workshop happen due to issues with the pricing. These disputes are prone to get more severe when there is a discrepancy in pricing among outlets of a multi-outlet workshop chain. Thus, having standardized pricing across outlets (adjusting to geographical differences) helps in mitigating the risk of having such pricing-related disputes. Autorox GMS, with its ability to standardize labor pricing across outlets in the multi-outlet workshop chain, helps in mitigating the chance of getting into such disputes with customers and eventually leads to higher customer satisfaction.

Maintain brand consistency

Customers’ brand perception is built not just with the service of one of your outlets, but from their experiences with every repair outlet they visit in your network. This is more apt for multi-outlet workshop chains that are densely located within a region and the possibility of a customer visiting multiple outlets within the same workshop chain is high. Poor service at one of these outlets can cost you a revenue opportunity from other outlets as well. Thus, it is necessary to unify the experience across all your workshops within your multi-outlet chain network. Autorox GMS enables you to achieve this consistency in service across all your outlets by standardizing prices, service flow, and overall repair experience. This enables you to build a consistent brand image and helps you in retaining customers.

Create centralized database

Autorox GMS enables building an extensive centralized catalog of makes, models, and variants of cars being serviced and spare parts masters across all the outlets in the multi-outlet workshop chain. The system also captures frequently faced customer concerns across all outlets and auto-suggests these to every outlet while creating a job card. Also, access to customer’s service history across all outlets helps in recommending appropriate service to customers. This cross-outlet information sharing and learning help in building synergies within all the outlets within a workshop chain.

Share inventory and resources

Most of the multi-outlet workshop chains tend to transfer stock from one outlet to another in case of emergencies. It is also commonplace that most of the spare parts are procured from a central hub to enable all outlets to benefit from discounts on spare parts on account of economies of scale. Autorox GMS empowers all the repair outlets to procure parts from other repair outlets in the network with its inter-outlet stock transfer feature. Autorox GMS also enables outlets to seamlessly procure parts from the centralized warehouse/hub of the multi-outlet workshop chain.

Scale with ease

Autorox GMS enables setting up a robust and standardized system in place to manage all the repair operations across all repair outlets in the multi-outlet workshop chain. With such a system in place, replicating the operations to different territories becomes easy. Moreover, Autorox GMS, with its robustness to handle different taxation norms across different geographies and its capability to configure in different languages makes it a perfect fit for multi-outlet workshop chains aspiring to expand their presence in different regions.

Here are a few screenshots that depict the centralized monitoring of the health of a multi-outlet workshop chain:

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