Stay connected with our support team 24/7 with Intercom! We provide continuous support to all your queries and roadblocks in managing your workshop through Intercom. In addition, we also share new release updates on Intercom to keep you updated with the latest changes in the software. Also, you could search for help articles through Intercom to find a quick resolution to your query. Here’s how you can reach out to us via Intercom:


1. Click on the chat button (as shown below) to open the Intercom chatbox.

2. Intercom chat box looks as shown below. Here you could type in your query and search from tons of articles related to using Autorox GMS by typing in your query in the below-mentioned textbox.

3. Or you could reach out to our support agent for any further help directly by clicking the “Send us a message” button.

4. Once you click the “Send us a message” button, you can see the following window. Fill in the issue-related information and our support agent would promptly respond to help you out.

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