Autorox GMS provides integration with barcode scanning technology to help you quickly issue the parts. Here’s how you need to do that:

Tag parts with a barcode

Tag the parts which you would inward, to identify them later using the barcode technology. Here’s how you can tag the parts:

1. From the dashboard page, click on the Parts dropdown and select the Inward option.

2. Enter the details of parts to be inward and all other mandatory fields. You can see an option for barcode as shown. Note that, you would be able to tag a part with a barcode only after you inward the part in the system.

3. Click on the Inward button to inward the part in the system.

4. Once you inward the part in the system, you would be able to see Inward status as shown below. Now, click on the barcode option as shown below.

5. Once you click the barcode option, a unique barcode will be generated. You can download this pdf version and use the sticker with the barcode to tag the parts.

Issue parts with a barcode

Once the parts are tagged with a barcode, you can use the barcode scanning technology to issue parts instantly. Here’s how you can do that:

1. To enable barcode scanning, connect the barcode scanning device to your system.

2. On the Issue page, you can see an option to use the barcode to issue the parts. Use the barcode scanner to issue parts and the system detects parts issuance instantly.

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