April, 2021

1. Debit Note

You can now create debit notes as a buyer in Autorox GMS, while returning goods that were received on credit.


i. Home > Stock > Inward > Find the Inward No. for the required document > Open the document and Return the part.

ii. From Sidebar > Debit note > Enter the Inward number of the document against which you need to create the debit note.

iii. Select the cancelled item(s) > Save

[Note: Debit note can be created based on the line-item amount or custom amount as per your need.]

iv. You can also get the history of debit notes and download the debit note from the history tab.

v. You can also set the Debit note number format from the configuration settings tab.

2. Delivery Note

Delivery note refers to the details of parts delivered. You can now provide the delivery note to your customers, not only in the job card, but also in the sell products module.

3. Remarks for the Estimation Rejected Vehicles

With the new update in Autorox GMS, system will allow you to view the remarks even after the job card has been cancelled. This will help you to find out the reason behind cancellation of those job cards.

4. Existing Quantity in Stock by Issue Report

In the stock by issue report, you can now see the existing quantity of parts on hand. This would allow the parts manager to figure out the fast-moving parts and its current availability in stock, all in one single page!

5. Tax % in Stock Reports

In the inventory module of reports, for stock by parts, brand and vendor reports, you can now find the tax % also, which will reduce the effort to find out the tax values for every kind of stock analysis.

6. Increase in the Limit of Custom Property Dropdowns

With this new update in Autorox GMS, we have increased the limit of custom property dropdowns from 10 to 25, so that you can add more data using this option (such as mechanical names or source etc.) that you wish to capture in each job card.

Bug Fixes

· Chart filter issue in franchise reports

· Duplicate invoice number generation issue

· Negative quantity in inventory reports issue

· HSN code missing in the transferred stocks

· Inward button disappear issue in inward screen

· Product mismatch issue in analytical reports

· Selected custom property not displaying in the job card

· Daily usage report approval pending job cards are not added to the total job card count

· Bank details shown multiple times in the sell products invoices

· Service suggestion header is displaying in invoice after clearing service suggestions

· After removing the state in customer details, the change does not reflect in the invoice

· In issued tab, search result showed the cancelled and returned parts as result

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