You can register the employees who would have to record their clock-in and clock-out timings. The outlet admin can extract information related to a particular user’s Clock In / Clock Out details and various summary reports of all the users for a specified duration. Here's how:

1. The outlet admin can create the user’s ID in Autorox with the necessary details (Employee Id, Employee Name, Phone Number, Email ID & Employee Type).

2. Once the necessary user information has been filled, the outlet admin can enable Clock In / Clock Out for that user using the Clock In / Clock Out checkbox.

3. In case the outlet admin wishes to deactivate a user (on account of the user leaving the organization or any other reason), it can be done by using the “Active / Inactive toggle switch.

4. You can also check the clock-in/ clock-out status of each employee by selecting the "View Summary" option. The summary will be displayed as shown below:

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