Time-based labour chart

From now on we can manage labour charts in fixed price over time increment mode. The service charge can be easily determined based on the time it takes in a job through this functionality.

  1. Enable the functionality

2. Manage your Labour chart

Calculation behind

The service name for segment A = Segment A Labour price * Time allocated for that job

Services charges based on time on Estimation

Instead of setting a fixed amount for service charges system will assist you to set the charges based on the time consuming for that job. This functionality is available on mobile as well as the web version.

Time Tracking (Clock in & Clock Out )

Now in Autorox, you can map all the employee attendance register with the help of a new feature called “Time Tracker”.

1. Create the registry for all the employees in the Autorox system. Based on the given contact information every employee receives a URL, they can open the URL from their mobile or PC and can punch the time of entry and exit, System automatically captures the location while punching based on GPS.

2. The reports of these time punches are available in the Autorox report section, which we can download in an excel format also.

Set the next service date based on vehicle

Earlier in Autorox, we can set a next service date based on average KM/days against 6000 KM or manually select any date, but now the 6000 KM is not a constant value anymore, we can edit that value based on the vehicle. In that way, the system helps to pick the exact next service date.

Checklist _ before delivering the car

If you need to perform a checklist before any vehicle is delivered it is now possible in Autorox.

This customizable checklist can print in the customer invoice based on your input.

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