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JULY 2021

Tax Amount Display on Invoice

You can now decide whether to show tax amount on your customer invoice.

Steps: Sidebar > Configure > Workshop Profile > Settings > Tax Amount display in Invoices (ON/OFF)

Stock Transfer Report

You can now track your stock transfer details using the report called Stock Transfer Report.

Steps: Sidebar > Report > Charts (only in domestic users) > Inventory > Stock transfer

Credit Limit Report

You can now manage your customer credit limit and the credit time period with the help of newly added credit limit report and credit management option in the customer tab.

Steps: Sidebar > Report > Charts (only in domestic users) > Operations > Credit limit

Credit Note for Sell Products

You can now generate credit notes not only against the job card invoices but also sell products’ invoices. This would make it more user-friendly to manage your accounting.

VIN Details in Sales Report

Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) details of the customer’s car will now be visible in the sales report. Thus, you can now easily identify the vehicle based on VIN the next time it arrives, even if the vehicle has temporary registration number on the first visit.

Daily Summary Report

You can now check critical metrics of your workshop with the help of Daily Summary Report. In this report, you can check the daily sales, business opening and closing time, etc.

Steps: Sidebar > Reports > Charts (only in domestic users) > Operations > Daily Summary

Unit of Conversion in Purchase

For online purchase of parts using the Autorox platform, you could now mention separate units of measurement while purchasing and while mentioning the part in inventory (for e.g., if you purchase an oil barrel (210 ltrs), the purchase qty will be one. However, if you wish to account it in inventory, you could choose to select “litres” as the unit of measurement).

Sales Manager (New User Role)

You can now add a new role in Autorox called Sales Manager. This person has permissions equivalent to the workshop admin but excluding capabilities to edit price, cancel invoices and change the settings. The added diversity of the role type would help you to manage your garage operations more effectively.

Steps: Sidebar > Configure > Workshop Profile > Settings > Sales Manager Role

Bug Fixes

Following bugs have been fixed:

1. Reports: If we are mentioning 0 in part number (e.g., 0123456) after downloading the report zero is not displaying.

2. New Job card: While editing the job card, variant code was being missed (if we are selecting a variant which has a special character like “+”, the variant used to turn blank after clicking on update).

3. Estimation: Tax % was displaying as zero if we selected a part with part number search.

4. Estimation: After issuing the part from the line item, the line item in the estimation check box was not showing green colour.

5. Inward: Rejected parts were displaying in the estimation search.

6. Mobile app: If we are entering 1 rupee in part price, then the part is disappearing from the estimation page.

7. Mobile App: If the customer is overriding the labour rates, an alert message was getting displayed.

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