Quick Service Packages – Part No. Entry Option

You can now add any part and part number while creating your customized quick service package list.

Steps: Sidebar > Loyalty Scheme > Manage Scheme > Packages

All Invoice Report

You can now track different invoice types such as canceled, insurance invoice, customer invoice, etc. using the report called “All Invoice” report.

Steps: Sidebar > Report > Charts (only in domestic users) > Operations > All Invoice

Claim No. Info on Insurance Invoice

You can now print your insurance claim number in insurance invoices by entering the claim number information on the job card creation page.

Steps: New Job Card > Select Insurance Company > Policy & Claim Info > Claim No

Bank Deposit

You can now map the amount which you deposited in your bank against the respective bank account.

Steps: Sidebar > Payment & Expenses > Bank Deposit

Package Search

You can now easily find your package, offers, and services by using the new search option.

Steps: New Job card > estimation page >Packages

Insurance Reminder

You can now remind your customer of their insurance renewal by entering the policy expiry date in insurance company information while creating a Job Card.

Franchise Report

You can now look at location-wise reports by just selecting a required location from the Location dropdown.

Bug Fixes

1. Direct Inward: Customer inwards the part with MRP and GST at 18%, either with or without discount. The system automatically adds decimal values in the unit price (e.g., the unit price is 89, it displays as 89.0000000001. Even if the user tries to remove the decimal, it will still show 88.999999999)

2. Report: Payment report data is not loading.

3. Upload Stock: Upload stock XLS. the file is not downloading.

4. Tally: Report is not downloading.

5. Sales Report: Download is not working if the bank details are added.

6. Reminder report: Report not getting downloaded.

7. Stock Upload: Missing one line item from each bulk upload data.

Reset Password: Password Reset OTP is not being received via SMS and E-mail

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