Part Number Basis Estimation

You can now create an estimation using the same part name but a different part number.

Steps: Estimation page > Issue > Select required part number.

AMC Report

You can now easily track your package history using the AMC Report.

Steps: Report > Chart (Beta) > Packages > Operations > AMC Report

Loyalty packages (Part & Service Management)

You can now differentiate parts and services in Loyalty packages by selecting the proper estimation type from the dropdown.

Payment mode in Tax Invoice

Payment modes of your collections are now visible in your tax invoices.

Reminders Dashboard for Service Advisor

Reminders Dashboard has now been made available for Service advisors.

Stock Transfer

Now Spares-Incharge can transfer the stock between different branches which are mapped in his account.

Steps (Mapping account): Workshop Profile > Users > Select Workshop & Location

Following bugs have been fixed

  1. Reports: Multiple account – Chart Beta report – If we click on secondary accounts & open chart beta reports, primary account data was getting displaced.

  2. Mobile application: Unable to enter labor price.

  3. Estimation Page: After editing the part name or service name, if the text length is long, the line is not wrapping.

  4. Inward Page: TCS tax percentage UI is not appropriate.

  5. New Job card: After selecting the insurance company name, the scrollbar is not working.

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